Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones

Bernard Caruana is a leader in Clinical Psychology in Malta, and has over 25 years of experience in the field

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Sessions held in Luqa, Tigne Point, & Balzan

Online Sessions Available


Clients are presented with a range of treatments that can help with a variety of mental and emotional challenges.

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A range of assessments and psychological tests for children and adults, couples and groups.

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Personal Development

The cognisant pursuit of personal growth is aimed towards promoting self-awareness and psychological growth.

Training for Groups & Organisations

Tailor-made courses designed on request to improve leadership and communication skills for added efficiency in a working environment.

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Why choose Bernard Caruana’s treatments?

Flexibility & choice

Following the initial treatment stages, Bernard can help you identify the best treatment on offer for you. Each session is tailor-made in accordance with the client’s needs.

Evidence-based therapy

All of the treatments offered by Bernard are designed to present clients with a wide ranging experience in terms of specialised training and solutions.

The treatments are suited for adults, adolescents and children

Personal Development

This involves social, emotional, spiritual and mental growth for anyone who would like to lead a more fruitful and enjoyable life.

Disorder Treatment

Bernard Caruana treats anxiety, depression, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, addiction, phobias and other mental health issues which you may encounter.

Anger Management

Through Bernard’s help you can learn how to recognise anger patterns. This also means that you will be able to take responsibility, calm down and deal with any frustrating situations in a constructive manner.

Couples’ Therapy

With Bernard Caruana’s help, you will be able to work through any issues in any romantic relationships. From conflict resolution to overall satisfaction in the relationship.




Trauma Resolution

This process is designed for anyone who has experienced a range of traumatic events in life. Through this particular branch you are allowed to mourn and come into terms with distressing events