My life-journey is a daily commitment to grow in wisdom and compassion, to lessen the suffering of others and help others fulfill their potential.

The psychological approaches used by Bernard Caruana are designed to help you transform into the best version of yourself. With twenty-five years of practice in the field, Bernard has ample experience working with both adults and children in specialised clinics, hospitals and his own private practice.

Bernard Caruana worked in various specialised hospitals and clinics with different age groups: adults, adolescents and children. Between 1995 and 2002 he has been a Visiting Lecturer at The University of Malta; where he lectured in different areas of psychology and supervised students in their practice both in the undergraduate (B.Psy) and in the Masters Course (M.Psy). In 2003 he was appointed as Senior Clinical Psychologist in the Mental Health Services and later on he was appointed as Manager of the Psychological Services at Mater Dei Hospital. In 2014 Bernard was asked to serve as the Manager of the Psychological Services within the Ministry for Education; a position which he is currently still occupying. He is also still supervising psychology postgraduate university students in their professional training practical placements.

During the past 25 years, Bernard has also had his own private practice and has been asked to carry out training and talks by various entities and organisations. He also addressed various specialised conferences both locally and abroad.

Bernard has had a long career as a top official of the Malta Union and Professional Body of Psychology (MUPP); serving as Secretary for 4 years and President for 9 years. In these 9 years he was concurrently a member of the Council of the Confederation of Malta Trade Unions (CMTU).

Bernard Caruana has an international profile as he served for 12 years as a Member of the Presidents’ Council of the European Federation of Psychology Associations (EFPA) and 8 years as an elected member of the Executive Council of the same European Federation of Psychology Associations.

During the past years Bernard had participated in various television and radio programmes and was a regular guest on practically all local TV stations.

Bernard currently serves as a member of the following Public Boards:

  • Member of the Bio-Ethics Consultative Committee (Ministry for Health)
  • Member of the Board of Studies of the Centre for resilience & Socio-Emotional Health (University of Malta)
  • Member of the Inter-ministerial Inter-professional Board for Persons with a Disability (IIPBD – Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity)
  • Member of the Board for the Treatment of Sex Offenders (Ministry of Home Affairs)

Bernard also served on the following Public Boards

  • Member of the Malta Psychology Profession Board (MPPB) – 6 years
  • Member of the Statementing Moderating Panel – 4 years
  • Chairperson Statementing Appeals Board – 16 years


- Masters in Psychology (Clinical)

- Bachelor in Sacred Theology (S.Th.B)
- B.A. (Hons) Psychology
- Diploma in Yoga Studies and Indian Thought
- Diploma in Religious Studies
- N.L.P. Master Practitioner & Coach